Energy, Utilities & Mining

Global energy markets are standing at a crossroads. The big themes that dominated the opening years of the century (prosperity, markets, peak oil, global warming, and clean technology) are still relevant today. however, a different set of concerns have taken the center stage – concerns on inequality, affordability, regulation, and techniques for mining, extracting oil and gas, and managing its distribution.

A snapshot of different challenges
prevalent in the industry


Highly volatile prices and low retail margins make investments of large capital exceedingly risky


Developing a network of dependable local partners to outsource.


Harnessing information technology used to become a tool for competitive advantage.


Complex trading and stringent regulatory guidelines add another dimension to the complexity.

Domain Expertise

SCI is a regional ICT solutions partner and integrator with a track record of introducing product and technology innovations. SCI has provided solutions to many projects in the Energy, Utilities and Mining Sector.

SCI has deep domain expertise in the industry. With 50 years of experience and projects managed to date in the continent, SCI provides a broad range of solutions to its clients business needs. Clients benefit from our technology solutions and our team’s proven capabilities that enable an integrated, cost optimized IT ecosystem to boost operational efficiency levels in both ERP and non-ERP systems.

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