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The growth of an organization and information available to empower management and staff is largely facilitated by its IT infrastructure. We facilitate our clients in optimizing their use of technology to remain competitive and meet the challenges of an on-demand world. This requires extending the use of IT investments to connect with employees, customers, suppliers and business partners.

With the proliferation of the Internet and mobile communication across the length and breadth of Tanzania, more applications and devices are being added every day to a consolidated and converged service-oriented framework; the demand for such a network layer is growing enormously.



Every organization must therefore design and build a robust network around it, which can meet the diverse demands of global business environments, mobility, and seamless user experience – a network that works for you.


Our consultative solutions approach helps in designing a converged, reliable and secure, scalable, highly available, and resilient, and cost-effective infrastructure for your organization. Our solutions address business needs across:

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